At GIA Inc., We Provide Independent Financial Advice

Global Investment Advisors, Inc. (GIA Inc.) is a U.S-based capital markets advisory firm incorporated in the state of Virginia.

Since 1995, GIA Inc. has provided private advice to commercial banks, governments, high net worth individuals nationally and around the globe, to consolidate, securitize loan assets, and develop innovative structures to maximize net proceeds for our clients.

GIA Inc. also has provided independent advice to sovereign governments in dealing with different underwriting proposals from major worldwide underwriting financial firms.

GIA Inc. Has a Proven Record

Washington DC Metro Area

In the area of loan securitization, we have worked with all Wall Street firms to turn below investment grade government loans totaling more than $17 billion into AAA investment grade securities.

GIA Inc. understanding of economic, monetary and fiscal policies as well as how these policies affect the credit markets and in depth knowledge of how Wall Street underwriters work; has helped to produce much higher net proceeds for the clients than the results that the underwriters proposed before pricing some 43 different deals.

GIA Inc., understands agency and government criteria, methods and biases of Wall Street firms and help to decrease issuance costs and increase clients net proceeds.
Independent – GIA Inc. and its affiliates have no underwriting affiliation with domestic or international underwriting firms.

Cost-effective – GIA Inc. fee and its affiliates is a fraction of the net increase proceeds that the deal will produce; as a result of negotiating not only lower issuer costs, but a more optimum deal structure and better negotiated prices if a deal is underwritten by a Wall Street syndicate.